Posted on 2023-09-17 16:46:49 by Sathish

     This is done in case of residual gall bladder in which some amount of gall bladder is left during first surgery. Pain abdomen recurs in case of any stone in the residual gall bladder. The reasons for stone in the residual gall bladder is left over stone in the residual gall bladder or development of new stone in the residual gall bladder. Here the patient present with pain similar to calculus cholecystitis. The diagnosis is suspected by routine ultrasonography of the abdomen and confirmed by MRCP.

     After making diagnosis of residual gall bladder with stones the treatment plan is to remove the retained gall bladder with stone by surgical method. The recommended method will be to remove the residual gall bladder through laparoscopic technique. The technique will be same as routine laparoscopic cholecystectomy. There will be technical difficulty in identifying the retained gall bladder because of smaller size of the gall bladder and presence of dense adhesions. In case of any technical difficulty open surgery has to be considered.

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